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The Spectrum of Hope Foundation Advocacy Grant

Our Advocacy Grant program is to help families with:

(1) A young child (under the age of 7) with a diagnosis of autism (or suspected of having one),
(2) Combined family income of $70,000 a year or less,
(3) Proof of California residency for at least one year,
(4) Other funding sources that usually provide services to the affected child i.e. regional centers, health insurance and school districts, are exhausted
(5) Demonstrate their needs in the application, i.e., why they cannot pay for the expenses they are applying for, and a detailed description of their financial hardship,
(6) Grant money will be used for one of the following ways: (a) independent evaluation/assessment, (b) special education advocacy (attorney/advocate fees, expert witness fees in hearings), (c) Self-funding of ABA therapy (d) other expenses that should have been picked by Regional Center or School District but didn’t.
(7) The maximum grant amount is $1,000.00.

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